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Wholesale Sex Anal Toys Electric Shock Anal Sex Pictures & Anal Sex Japan

Ready to discover a whole new realm of pleasure? The Anal Plug is here.

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Wholesale Sex Anal Toys Electric Shock anal sex pictures & anal sex japan


Decription of the anal sex toys
Ready to discover a whole new realm of pleasure? The Anal Plug is here. Perfect for first-timers, our vibrating male massager's ergonomic curves and multi-vibration modes stimulate your prostate and perineum simultaneously for powerful climaes. P-p-p-perfect!
Shaped to follow the contours of your body for intense prostate (sometimes called your P-Spot) and perineum massages, this little Anal se toy also boasts an outstanding multi- vibrating functions to set all of those sensitive nerve endings a-tingling.
While the firm, curved tip seeks out and stimulates your prostate with ease, a multitude of soft nodules caress your perineum for blended climactic sensations.
Enjoy on your own, during se or in the bath or shower - it's shapely, waterproof design gives you freedom to eperiment however you please.
Always add a generous helping of water-based anal se lube to your toy before you begin.

details for sex toy anal

* Pliable and durable for prostate stimulation.
* Unique, virtually seamless, premium quality Silicone.
* Easy pull handle design.
* Silicone.
* Diameter: 0.46”/29.5px(min),0.77”/48.75px(max).
* Effective Length: 5.17”/328.25px.
* Width: 1.81”/114.99999999999999px. 
* Total Length: 7.40”/470px.
* 0.038kg



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